The Pet Coalition of Greater Cincinnati

Strong independent organizations joining as an interdependent force to improve our community

About our Partnership

We Need Foster Homes


You can be the Hero that saves lives!  

No cost to you!

If you are 18 and have a bathroom - you are a great candidate! Contact one of our members.

Only YOU can prevent euthansia


Spaying and Neutering is the best option to prevent over-population. 

Too many pets + too few homes = euthanasia. 

See a veterinarian or a Spay/Neuter Clinic TODAY! 

Partners in the Coalition


Members of our Group:

Animal Adoption Foundation (AAF)


Barely Used Pets

Cincinnati Cats, Inc.

Cincinnati Lab Rescue

Cincinnati Pet Food Pantry  

Cincinnati Pit Crew

Clermont Animal CARE Humane Society

HART of Cincinnati Animal Rescue

Helen's Bully Haven

Iron Pits

League for Animal Welfare

Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue

Ohio Alleycat Resource 

Pets for Patients

Pets in Need

Purrfect Friends Cat Rescue

Recycled Doggies 

Saving them Together


Sheltered Paws

SPCA Cincinnati

Stray Animal Adoption Program (SAAP) 

Three Sisters Pet Rescue

UCAN Nonprofit Spay & Neuter Clinic


We are PCGC

Joining together for a common solution, the Pet Coalition of Greater Cincinnati was organized for the purpose of being a united pet resource for our community. Animal welfare agencies and rescue groups in the Cincinnati region are joining in a collaborative effort to greatly enhance the ability to save lives and find more homes for animals. The PCGC will work to find common ground, meeting monthly to discuss objectives and find solutions for pet-related issues such as: 


· Improving communication between animal welfare organizations

· Strengthening foster systems

· Developing community education

· Increasing spay/neuter awareness

· Cultivating owner responsibility

· Reducing the stay in shelters and rescues

· Building usable legislation

· Advancing medical attention


The PCGC is prepared to address each objective cooperatively. The group faces the task of creating a “no-kill” culture in our community, developing operational/rescue funds, acquiring veterinarian access, and increasing the volume of qualified foster homes. As a result, goals have been set to initiate the movement. 

Initially, PCGC will rally with an emphasis on increasing the number of qualified foster homes for displaced animals.  Foster programs are a win/win. Fostering a pet is FREE (Yes, it is totally FREE) and an essential part of saving lives. 

The Pet Coalition of Greater Cincinnati generally meets on the 

3rd Wednesday of each month at the Sharonville location of the SPCA Cincinnati.